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Sex Therapy

Are you wanting to unlearn some of the cultural teachings around sexuality and create a foundation that is pleasurable, embodied and playful?

Do you and your partner have mismatched sexual desires?

Are you having trouble staying present during sex?

Are you and your partner(s) stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing sexually no longer looking forward to it?

Do you feel emotionally disconnected?

Or maybe you want to spice up your love life, but your partner isn’t interested.

Are old traumas getting in the way of you experiencing the level of pleasure you desire?

If you are just not feeling the level of embodiment and joy out of your sexual life, whether partnered or single, I would love to help.

I am proudly sex and body positive, BDSM/Kink, polyam and queer/trans affirming.

How does Sex Therapy work?

I take an in-depth, holistic approach to supporting people in their sexual wellness. Most of us carry heaps of shame in regard to sex, as we are brought up in a culture with some pretty mixed, and mostly shaming messages about sexuality and our bodies. Many of us have disconnected from our sexual selves so much that we are not even sure what turns us on, and if we are in touch with this, we may experience judgement and shame within that. I am here to help unpack some of this shame and confusion to help you tune in to your innate desire to be a whole, vibrant sexual being.

Some of the possible goals that people have for sex therapy:

  • Better understanding their body and what brings them pleasure
  • Unpacking shame in order to experience sexual freedom
  • Learning to eliminate and relax distractions
  • Learning to communicate what you’d like in a positive way
  • Learning nonsexual touching techniques
  • Increasing or enhancing sexual stimulation
  • Minimizing pain during intercourse
  • Support with functional challenges (erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, inability to orgasm etc)
  • Support to increase erotic energy in their relationship
  • Navigating a new area such as BDSM/Kink without judgment or shame

If you’d like to explore sex therapy, I want you to know that you aren’t alone in having sexual problems and that I can help. Please contact me today for a free consultation to see if we are a good match.