Pleasure is your birthright


I realize that no two people are the same, and I tailor my therapy to meet your specific needs as an individual. I love helping people understand the things that are holding them back with an in-depth approach. After recognizing underlying challenges, clients can fully realize their strengths and adjust certain behaviours and thoughts to see things in a healthier and more holistic way.

"We're all just walking each other home."
- Ram Dass

My practice specializes in sex therapy, gender exploration and transitions, relationship challenges, processing unresolved trauma and psychedelic integration. If you are needing support in any of these areas, I would love to support you.

Therapy can help bring more ease, pleasure, joy and authenticity to your life. To live a life in which you are fully alive and truly yourself.

It is never too late to make changes that could significantly improve the quality of life; to be fully alive rather than just living.

If you're interested in becoming a more authentic, fulfilled you, I'd love to work with you every step of the way. Please contact me today!

I would like to respectfully acknowledge that the land on which I work, play and live is within the ancestral, traditional and unceded territory of the K’ómoks Nation.

About Mel Devine, RSW, RCC

I am a white settler of Irish, Scottish and English ancestry and work from an anti-oppressive, harm reduction and trauma informed lens. I am queer, trans, kink/BDSM and poly-am affirming. I am committed to creating a space that is welcoming of all people, regardless of race, religion or spirituality, sexuality, gender and relationship configurations.

I value humor and intuition and take great joy in helping people tune in to their own inner healer while celebrating their immense resilience.

You can anticipate me showing up as my most authentic self and I encourage my clients to do so as well. I aim to create space where people can drop their masks and bring their whole self to their sessions, a place where the unspoken may be spoken. I believe each person is the expert of their own lives and I strive to minimize power imbalances in therapy the best I can; recognizing my own locations of privilege and power is a big part of this.

If you’re interested in becoming a more authentic, fulfilled you, I’d love to work with you every step of the way. Please contact me today!