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Gender Affirming Care

Are you or someone you love exploring gender or are in the midst of a gender transition?

If so, I would be happy to support you on your journey! 

Perhaps you are struggling with difficult emotions around someone’s gender journey and would like a safe space to explore these feelings, gain new knowledge and understanding so you don’t hurt the one you love. 

I have worked with folks of all ages exploring this area of life. I have also had the honour of supporting couples through this transition. 

Perhaps your challenges do not relate to gender but you would like a relationship or individual therapist who is gender affirming so you do not to have to spend your time educating them about gender diversity and can focus on other areas that brought you to therapy. 

I several have years of experience and various training in Gender Affirming Care, and continue to pursue training to be sure that I am up to date on best practice in this area. I have also completed training to provide Hormone Readiness Assessments. 

If you are looking for an LGBTQ2SA+ therapist to support you through any of life’s challenges, please reach out!