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Psychedelic Therapy Integration

As more and more people are tuning into the healing power of psychedelics, and this modality is quickly hitting the mainstream, having a trauma informed, psychedelic savvy therapist to help with pre and post medicine journey can make all the difference in how profound and lasting the effects of your psychedelic journey can be. By offering psychedelic integration, I am not suggesting or recommending that anyone should use psychedelic medicines, nor am I making referrals to underground therapists, I am simply offering a safe space to be informed of some of the risks and benefits, sharing literature, and media recommendations so you can expand your own knowledge prior to embarking on a journey as well as providing a safe space to process a journey that you have had on your own.

I have training in Relational Somatic Psychedelic Training, a training informed by the MAPS model of treatment, as well as personal experience healing with these tools. I am deeply rooted in a Harm Reduction philosophy and will provide a compassionate, knowledgeable and curious space to prepare for and/or unpack your psychedelic experience(s). Please reach out if you are curious or would like to know more!